How to Obtain 178 Seconds, Almost There and The Concise Guide to Safe Flying

Pocket books 178 Seconds and Almost There are available from some pilot shops. The The Concise Guide to Safe Flying is available free as an ebook from The Aircraft Technical Book Company.

Some pilot shops are providing a free copy of 178 Seconds or Almost There with every purchase of A Pilot's Guide to Safe Flying.

Check with your local pilot shop.

Promotion Opportunity

These low cost booklets are ideal handouts by flight schools and other aviation related organizations. You will be promoting your organization as well as potentially helping to reduce the number of GA accidents.

Orders of 500 or more can be printed with the organization's logo and a message such as "With compliments of _____". Other promotional material can be included. For example:

To obtain a sample copy and/or a quote, contact mCOVE Resources

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