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What the reviewers are saying about A Pilot's Guide to Safe Flying

"With approximately 200 pages of text, copious black and white illustrations and diagrams, and a good topical index, this book serves as a superb primer on aviation risk management, is great preparation to take (or give) a Flight Review or checkride, and if you heed its lessons will indeed make you a safer pilot."
Thomas P Turner, Mastery Flight Training, Inc. September 2006

"This book is excellent. It belongs on every pilot's bookshelf."
Howard Fried - Aviation author and 40,000 hour pilot

"I plan to keep it (the book) forever by my desk; it strikes me as really inexpensive life insurance."
Rusty Sachs, Executive Director, National Association of Flight Instructors.

"This book is one of the most complete references available on almost any aspect of general aviation safety. Any active CFI will find it a valuable addition to his or her library."
AOPA Air Safety Foundation Instructor Report, First Quarter 2005.

"This manual is without doubt one of those must have items that all pilots should have in their library. It covers almost every topic relating to the safe conduct of a flight. The author has provided an excellent resource that can only enhance the safe operation of any flight you make. I recommend this book most strongly to all caring pilots."
Dennis Bartlett - President, Australian Bonanza Society.

"It's a thoughtful, thorough prescription aimed at accident reduction; one that will help all pilots become better than they already think they are."
COPA Flight. Canadian Owners and Pilots Association newspaper, February 2005.

"I have just finished this book - excellent. I prefer the informative outline format used. This makes the book a valuable reference for the pilot to read, and then return to again and again."
Bill Gunn - Director of Systems and Training, Texas Department of Transport.

"A wonderful compendium of essential advice to the pilot who seeks enjoyment as well as a solid grounding in safe flying."
Russell Kelly - Deputy Chairman, Aviation Safety Foundation Australia

"This book is really about airmanship and how to maintain and improve ones own standard - in other words how to become a better and safer pilot. Recommended."
General Aviation. UK Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association magazine, June 2004.

"This manual is without doubt the best of its kind that I have ever had the pleasure of studying. I believe it is a must have for all GA pilots."
Peninsula Aero Club Newsletter. Tyabb, Victoria, Australia, December 2003.

"This book is a veritable goldmine of useful information. An excellent book."
Today's Pilot. Key Publishing (UK), February 2004.

"It is difficult to categorize this book - but it is recommended for giving GA pilots a leg-up into a better level of safe operational thinking."
AOPA. Australian Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association magazine, March 2004.

"Our first reaction to "A Pilot's Guide to Safe Flying" was - it's about time!"
Australian Flying. Yaffa Publishing Group, January/February 2004.

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